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Decisions published

23/07/2020 - Low Carbon Challenge Fund – Green Business Grant decision – Arbor Ales Ltd ref: 208    Recommendations Approved

Delegated authority has been granted to the WECA Chief Executive to take decisions on the award of Green Business Grants (through the Low Carbon Challenge Fund) in consultation with the Chief Executives of the West of England unitary authorities.
The key details of this Green Business Grant application were as follows:
Green Business grant applicant: Arbor Ales Ltd
Sector: Manufacturing
Local authority area: Bristol
Project description: Installation of 30 kWp solar PV panels and upgrade to a Class A energy efficient Water Chiller
Project timescale: July – September 2020
Approximate annual savings analysis of the proposal:
Annual greenhouse gas emission savings: 25.6 tCO2e
Annual energy use savings: 10% on electricity use and offsets 9.6% of electricity use
Annual energy cost savings: £7,109 on electricity bills

The proposal was assessed by officers as meeting the required criteria in terms of value for money, deliverability and financial viability.

Decision Maker: Chief Executive, West of England Combined Authority

Decision published: 31/07/2020

Effective from: 23/07/2020


To award £15,000 to Arbor Ales Ltd in relation to their Green Business Grant application (ref: GBG015).

Lead officer: Patricia Greer