Venue: 70 Redcliff Street


No. Item


Evacuation Procedure

In the event of a fire, please await direction from the West of England Combined Authority staff who will help assist with the evacuation.Please do not return to the building until instructed to do so by the fire warden(s).


Committee Membership & Apologies for absence

To note the committee’s membership as set out on the agenda and to receive apologies for absence from Members.


Election of Chair for Municipal Year 2024/25

The West of England Combined Authority Audit Committee to elect a Chair from amongst its members for municipal year 2024/25.


Election of Vice-Chair for Municipal Year 2024/25

Having elected a Chair, the Committee is invited to elect a Vice-Chair from amongst its members for Municipal Year 2024/25.


Declarations of Interest under the Localism Act 2011

Members who consider that they have an interest to declare are asked to: a) State the item number in which they have an interest, b) The nature of the interest, c) Whether the interest is a disclosable pecuniary interest, non-disclosable pecuniary interest or non-pecuniary interest. Any Member who is unsure about the above should seek advice from the Monitoring Officer prior to the meeting in order to expedite matters at the meeting itself.


Terms of Reference pdf icon PDF 127 KB

The Committee is invited to note its Terms of Reference.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 121 KB

To consider and approve the minutes from 4 March 2024 of the West of England Combined Authority Audit Committee.


Items from the Public (Questions, Statements and Petitions) pdf icon PDF 133 KB

WRITTEN PUBLIC QUESTIONS (written procedure)


1. Any member of the public can submit a maximum of two written questions in advance of this meeting.


2. The deadline for the submission of questions is 5.00 pm, at least 3 clear working days ahead of a meeting. For this meeting, the deadline for questions is 5.00 pm on Tuesday 9 July 2024.


3. Questions should be addressed to the Chair of the meeting and e-mailed to


4. Under the direction of the Chair, wherever possible, written replies to questions will be sent to questioners by the end of the working day prior to the meeting.


5. Please note - under the Combined Authority’s committee procedures, there is no opportunity for oral supplementary questions to be asked at committee meetings.


6. The written questions and replies will be circulated to committee members in advance of the meeting and published on the Combined Authority website.




1. Any member of the public may submit a written statement (or petition) to this meeting.


2. Please note that one statement per individual is permitted.


3. Statements must be submitted in writing and received by the deadline of 12 noon on the working day before the meeting. For this meeting, the deadline for statements is 12 noon on Friday 12 July 2024. Statements should be emailed to


4. Statements will be listed for the meeting in the order of receipt. All statements will be sent to committee members in advance of the meeting and published on the Combined Authority website.


5. Please note:


If any member of the public wishes to attend the meeting to orally present their statement, they are asked please to notify the Combined Authority’s Democratic Services team of this at the point when their statement is submitted and by 12 noon on the working day before the meeting at the very latest.


For those presenting their statements at the meeting, up to 3 minutes ‘speaking time’ is permitted for each statement. The total time available for the public session at this meeting is 30 minutes.

Additional documents:


Report Back from Main Committee

To verbally report back on the items considered by the West of England Mayoral Combined Authority’s Committee meetings held on 15 March 2024 and 14 June 2024.  


Forward Work Plan pdf icon PDF 119 KB

This report presents the Audit Committee Forward Work Plan.

Additional documents:


Unaudited Draft Statement of Accounts [verbal update]

To receive a verbal update on the Unaudited Draft Statement of Accounts.


Treasury Management Outturn Report pdf icon PDF 241 KB

The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) Treasury Management in the Public Services: Code of Practice requires the Authority to approve a Treasury Management Strategy before the start of each financial year, review performance during the year, and approve an annual report after the end of each financial year. This report provides a review of performance to 31 March 2024.



External Audit Plan 2023/24 [External Audit] pdf icon PDF 122 KB

This document provides an overview of the planned scope and timing of the statutory audit of West of England Combined Authority (‘the Combined Authority’) for those charged with governance.

Additional documents:


Grant Thornton: Informing the Audit Risk Assessment for the West of England Combined Authority 2023/24 pdf icon PDF 124 KB

The purpose of this report is to contribute towards the effective two-way communication between the Combined Authority’s External Auditors and Audit Committee (as those charged with governance). The report covers some important areas of the auditor risk assessment where Grant Thornton, The West of England Mayoral Combined Authority’s appointed auditors, are required to make inquiries of the Audit Committee under auditing standards.

Additional documents:


Cyber Resilience Update pdf icon PDF 141 KB

To update Audit Committee on recent cyber resilience improvements, ongoing management and monitoring arrangements and future plans.


Risk Management Framework Update & Corporate Risk Register Review pdf icon PDF 803 KB

To present the Corporate Risk Register (CRR) and provide an update on the Corporate Risk Framework.


Transformation Programme pdf icon PDF 4 MB

This report provides Audit Committee with an update on progress across the West of England Combined Authority Transformation Programme.


MCA Financial Regulations Update pdf icon PDF 147 KB

To provide draft updates to the West of England Combined Authority ‘Financial Regulations’ for consideration by the Audit Committee.

Additional documents:


Internal Audit Annual Report 2023-24 [Internal Audit] pdf icon PDF 332 KB

The Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015 require the Combined Authority to maintain an adequate and effective internal audit service and to ‘conduct a review of the effectiveness of the system of internal control’. The UK Public Sector Internal Audit Standards requires the Chief Audit Executive to deliver an annual internal audit opinion and report that can be used to inform The Authority’s Annual Governance Statement.


This is the Annual Report (2023/24) of the Chief Audit Executive which includes a summary of Internal Audit performance, key findings / issues, as well as the formal opinion on the Combined Authority’s internal control environment (framework of governance, risk management and internal control).


Points to Refer to Main Committee

Members to confirm any issues they wish the Chair to raise on the Committee’s behalf at the next West of England Mayoral Combined Authority’s Committee meeting.


Feedback Section

Members to give feedback on the meeting.